To decide if a 1031 exchange is a 1031 exchange is right for your situation it is helpful to calculate your capital gains tax. This is a simplified example of the capital gains tax calculation. We recommend you confirm your potential tax liability with your tax advisor.

In order to calculate your capital gains, please fill in the fields below:
Orginal Purchase Price: 
Capitalized Improvements:         (Do not include Expense)
Accumulated Depreciation:         
Sales Price:         
Costs of Sale:         
State Tax Rate %:         (e.g.: 8.7)


Capital Gain Results:
Adjusted Basis
Orginal Purchase Price  $0.00
Capitalized Improvements*:       $0.00
Accumulated Depreciation*:       ($0.00)
Net Adjusted Basis:       $0.00
Capital Gain
Sales Price:       $0.00   
Costs of Sale:       ($0.00)
Net Adjusted Basis:       ($0.00)
Capital Gain:       $0.00
Capital Gains Tax
Tax on Depreciation (25%):       $0.00   
Appreciation Tax (15%):       $0.00
State Tax Rate( 0% ):       $0.00
Capital Gain Tax:       $0.00